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Who we are

Canada Municipal Jobs Inc. is a customer-first job placement board that connects qualified candidates with municipal jobs in all regions of Canada. We are dedicated to providing quality, up-to-date listings around the clock.

We’ve served Canadian municipalities with over 1.5 million visitors in the last 5 years, and we’ve matched thousands of candidates with municipal opportunities since 2006.

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We list jobs throughout Canada regularly, and you’ll get an email as soon as we have a match based on your search criteria. Save or change your settings at any time inside your free, private account.

Trusted by Municipalities for Over 15 Years

Our job bank helps thousands of career seekers each month match their skills and experience to the right municipal career. We focus all our effort on fresh, up-to-date job postings and won't spam you with irrelevant offers or expired listings.


Functionality & Features

We offer a flat rate per ad, no matter how long the ad or how many words or lines or logos or pictures or badges. Our fee is flat and uncomplicated.

1) You send us your job ad. 2) We post it. 3) Isn’t it odd that other websites make you do the work and charge you a whole lot more?

New jobs at the top. Older jobs at the bottom. And all job ads are on the same page and searchable. Before you say “Well of course”, let it be known that other websites make candidates look for your job ad by listing them in random order over multiple pages. Not even alphabetical or by date…just random. Unless you’re posting for a scavenger hunt, it’s important that your ad is easy to find!

On the CMJ website, your job ad has a posting date and a closing date right up front.  Another reason many consider us the most user-friendly website.

Your job ad on the Canada Municipal Jobs website is programmed to be removed automatically on the date and time you specify. Candidates know that if your job ad appears on the CMJ website then it’s still active. And if they ask you if it’s still active then you should probably move their resume to the bottom of the pile.

Your job is searchable by province or region or category. Then we tweet about it. And, in true Canadian fashion, we politely tap our thousands of subscribers on the electronic shoulder to bring attention to your opportunity.

Clicking on the map pin in the individual job listing will show the location of the job. Handy for candidates who are
not familiar with your small but super quaint location.

We read your ad from top to bottom and if needed, we correct words, sentences, and punctuation. We’ve been known to add “How to apply” details when it was overlooked. Nah you don’t need glasses, you’ve got us!

We duplicate your job ads on our website. Your brand is important to you and to us! Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all…after all, you’re not buying a sombrero.

Vous désirez annoncer en français et en anglais? C’est fait! On vous accommode gratuitement!

Now we don’t want to use the bunny’s good name in vain, but we do get many compliments for our speedy service.

 Our customers are perfect, but sometimes you just got to make a change to the content. Send us your edit – As we say “No problem, no charge!”

No one has blown your socks off yet? Let us propose a solution. Push back your closing date quickly and easily. Your ad can stay active for up to 6 months from the original posting date. We are totally ok with that level of commitment!

CMJ is always here to help. Days and nights, weekends and holidays…we’re here! We even take you on our holidays.

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With over 1.5 million visitors in the last 5 years, more and more Canadian municipalities are relying on our website to find thousands of qualified candidates every year.

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